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TaskVault is a Libre Open Source privacy-friendly Getting-Things-Done compatible personal project management and productivity application for native platforms.

Supported Platforms:

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TaskVault app is free-of-cost.

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Productivity Features

Manage life's complexities with GTD essentials

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Capture inputs with the Inbox

Capture Tasks in the Inbox and move them into appropriate projects at your convenience!

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Organize on-going obligations with the Project Hierarchy

The TaskVault project hierarchy consists of the following elements: Project Categories, Projects and Tasks.

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Stay on top of next-actions with Action Lists

View next-actions for all active projects filtered by task-context, due dates, etc

Privacy Features

Getting things done is often personal and confidential business. It should stay that way.

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Prevent snooping with Lock Screen

Password-protected lock-screen to prevent unauthorized access

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Protect stored project data with Encryption at Rest

Encrypt projects, tasks and other productivity data in storage so no unauthorized parties can access it through the device file-system

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Work confidently across devices with client-side encrypted data synchronization (Premium Service)

Online backups and data synchronization between user devices via the TaskVault Sync cloud service

* TaskVault is under development and as such not all features are currently available

TaskVault is Libre

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App must remain competitive

TaskVault is Libre software, which means anyone may fork the project, modify it at their own discretion and publish a competing version of the app under a different name and brand if the original project and development team fail to satisfy customer demand.

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Protect your productivity system from vendor-lock

Because the source code is publicly available, creating tools to export data and convert it to a variety of formats used by other tools and systems would be highly feasible compared to a proprietary alternative. Alternatively, if TaskVault stops being supported, another team could fork the project and carry the torch, negating the need to convert data to a new format.

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Source Code available for public audit

As mentioned, TaskVault is open-source software, meaning the source code is publicly available for anyone to audit.

View TaskVault Source Code

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TaskVault Sync

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TaskVault Sync is a premium cloud service for storing end-to-end-encrypted online backups of TaskVault user data and syncing that data between user devices.

Select a plan

No trickery: all plans are priced monthly!


  • 10 active tasks per project
  • 2 active project(s)
  • 1 project category/ categories
  • 1 action list(s)
  • 1 context(s)
  • Up to 2 connected devices

$0 / month

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  • 400 active tasks per project
  • 300 active project(s)
  • 5 project category/ categories
  • 25 action list(s)
  • 100 context(s)
  • Up to 3 connected devices

$6 / month

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  • 400 active tasks per project
  • 500 active project(s)
  • 10 project category/ categories
  • 50 action list(s)
  • 100 context(s)
  • Up to 5 connected devices

$9 / month

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  • 400 active tasks per project
  • 750 active project(s)
  • 20 project category/ categories
  • 100 action list(s)
  • 100 context(s)
  • Up to 10 connected devices

$12 / month

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